Protect your Data

How would you feel if I told you that all of your data on your computer has been lost, and there is no way to get it back?
All your baby photos, wedding albums, music, email and documents have all been lost for good?
Most people would be devastated, yet most people don’t have a working and reliable backup of their files.

The Bad News

Hard Drives failing, aggressive viruses, accidental deletion, fire and theft are just some of the ways your precious files can be lost.

Hard Drive Failure

All Hard Drives will eventually fail, but if you are lucky it will be well after you have replaced your aging computer.
Conventional Hard Drives are a little box of disk shaped platters spinning at up to 10,000 RPM, so something as simple as dropping your laptop can damage these little disks and make them unreadable. Manufacturing faults and even just age can degrade the health of your disk.

Malicious Software

A new breed of malicious software has resurfaced after being shut down by authorities last year. Ransomware!
Viruses spread by attachments in an email can install a virus called CryptoWall 3.0. This is similar to the previous virus called Crypto Locker. Once you have infected your PC by opening the attachment, the virus encrypts all of the most common personal file types like images, Word and Excel documents and music files. The files are unable to be opened and pop up messages ask that a Ransom of around $US500.00 be paid to unlock the files. Paying the ransom is not recommended, but even doing this can be tricky as they want payment by Bitcoin, not just a credit card number like a lot of other scams.

User Error

It’s also quite common for computer users to accidentally delete or overwrite their own files.
Windows allows you to recover deleted items from the Recycle Bin, but this is easily emptied, and if you have formatted your Hard Drive during a reinstall of Windows, then it becomes a lot harder.
We do have Data Recovery Software that has saved the day on more than one occasion, but there is a better way to make sure your files are safe.

The Good News

It is now cheaper and easier than ever to prevent data loss.
iFix Computers can provide an amazing online backup solution, that can save all of your personal files to a secure offsite Cloud Server.
For only $100.00 per year we can install this online backup solution that offers unlimited disk space.
The best part is you don’t have to remember to copy files off to an external drive. The backup constantly runs and knows when you have modified a file or saved a new photo to your computer. It then begins to upload your new file to the Cloud.

We have been using this solution for a couple of years now and have already saved 2 customers from what could have been disastrous data loss.
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- Jonny Bloore

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