Spring Clean your Computer

Spring has sprung and although the weather hasn’t been the best, it’s a good time to think about giving your computer an annual Spring Clean.

Computer Temperatures

Computer cases have at least two fans constantly running to cool the CPU processor chip and the computer power supply. Cool air is continually sucked in and passes over these hot components.
If your computer sits on the floor under a desk it will also be pulling in a lot of dust from the carpet or the air around the computer.

This dust can settle and over time build up and create blockages in these components causing them to overheat.  If they get to hot the computer may do all sorts of things from slowing down, constant whirring sounds from the fans, Blue Screen crashes, unexpected shutdowns and even permanent damage to some equipment.
Have a look at the back of your computer case. If you can see a lot of dust around the vents then there will be more inside.

Download Speed Fan from ifixcomputers.co.nz/speedfan. This program will give you temperature readings from your CPU, RAM and Graphics card. If you see little flame icons, then it running to hot.

It’s not a good idea to open the computer case yourself to clean out the dust as there are a lot of sensitive electronic components inside. It’s best to arrange a service of your computer with the experts at iFix Computers. We can clear out any blockages as well as addressing some of the following recommended Spring Clean ideas…


I’ll never stop warning you about malware. Viruses, Trojans, Phishing emails, pop up advertising etc. are all designed to ruin your day. Make sure you first have an Internet Security program installed. Next, make sure it is a current Version and finally that the definition files are up to date. For example if you are running AVG 2012, its three versions old. Upgrade and Update now.

With everything in life, you get what you pay for, and while the Free Antiviruses are good, they aren’t as effective as the subscription versions. Even AVG and Avast try to upgrade you to their paid versions.

We recommend and use ESET Nod32. You can download a free 30 day trial from ifixcomputers.co.nz/nod32trial
Make sure you uninstall any other Internet Security Software first as if you have more than one installed they will fight with each other and slow your computer down.

Keyboard, Mouse and Screen

We sit in front of our computers sometimes for hours. We cough and sneeze, eat and spill all over the keyboards, mice and screens. It’s hard to notice when the screen is on, but turn it off and look at it in the sunlight. Bring your laptop or LCD Screen into our shop and we will clean it for FREE and if you want you can pick up your own screen cleaning kit.

The team at iFix Computers are here to help you. If you need some quick advice, you’re having an IT emergency, or just have no idea where to turn next, please call us on 07 574 2891.

- Jonny Bloore
Owner of iFix Computers

If you have any questions or a suggested topic, please email us at admin@ifixcomputers.co.nz