Windows 10 – Is it time to upgrade your Operating System?

You may have noticed a new icon pop up in at the bottom left of your screen by the date and time.  If you click on this icon you will be prompted to preregister for your copy of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s latest Operating System Windows 10 will be released for free on July 29.  This is the first time Microsoft has given away an operating system at no charge, but it is only a limited offer for 12 months and there are some excluded upgrades. We don’t believe these exclusions will affect many of our readers but if you haven’t seen the offer, you may just simply need to run your Windows Updates.

Even if you don’t have a legitimate version of Windows, you will be able to upgrade, but Microsoft has stated this won’t magically legitimise your Operating System. You will still be prompted to Get Genuine.
What you need to know.

Windows 10 has many new features, the one most people will love is the return of a native Start Menu.  With Windows 8 and 8.1 third party applications such as Classic Shell needed to be installed to get the old Windows XP/7 style Start Menu back, but with Windows 10 our old friend returns and comes with some new features. Not to be seen as step backwards, the new menu offers a hybrid of the old style and the newer Windows 8 style tablet friendly Tiles.

These Tiles can be moved and deleted just like in Windows 8. The main complaint we hear from computer users about windows 8 and 8.1 was the Tiles screen. This new offering is sure to make everyone a lot happier.

Once Registered and after July 29, you will be able to download the upgrade. A word of warning, it is 3GB, so if you are near the end of your data allowance or have a slow connection, you could be in for a long wait. If its anything like the Windows 8.1 update, you may also need to try it a few times before it successfully downloads.

Like most new Operating Systems that are released, we are sure there will be bugs and incompatible software so we would recommend taking your time before running the upgrade.
Let others rush in and find the problems and wait a short time for any updates or service packs.
Whenever you choose to run the upgrade, it is highly recommended to do a full backup of your Hard Drive. We recommend using Shadow Protect to make a full Image of your Hard Drive on to an external USB Drive. iFix Computers can supply Shadow Protect and a USB Hard Drive or even create a backup for you that we keep on our servers until you are happy your upgrade went well.
Alternatively if you have a large enough drive and just want a one off backup, you can download a fully functional 30 Day trial of Shadow Protect from

Get a Microsoft Account

It’s probably a good time to register for a Microsoft Account as you will need one to download apps from the Microsoft Store. We see lots of people who have setup a new email address with an or address. This is the default setting when signing up, but as it’s another account and password you have to remember, we recommend clicking the option to use an existing address and typing in your own email address.

If you choose to log into Windows with your Microsoft Account, you will have instant access to Microsoft’s Cloud Storage One Drive, Instant downloads from the Microsoft Store and if you have multiple devices such as a Windows Phone, Tablet, or just another PC, your settings and some files will follow you around.

- Jonny Bloore
Owner of iFix Computers
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